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Fred Hall Show 2013
Fred Hall Show 2013

It's a sure sign of spring. it's almost as certain as having that groundhog, punxsutawney phil, NOT seeing his shadow and getting an early spring. Roger drove again. i think we burned a whopping 10 gallons of gas in his wife's prius on the way down. it's a great car to sleep in. we left late in the morning and arrive on thursday at 4pm. our first stop was western outdoor news to renew our subscriptions.

the crowds on the weekdays are nowhere near as bad as the weekends.

when you walk in, the first things you see are the boats. roger wanted to bring home a bass boat, but the prius wouldn't have gotten the boat over the grapevine. and then there are boats and kayaks in the back.

then we ran the gauntlet of booths with all kinds of things to sell.....

.... and all kinds of trips to take.

the san diego long range fleet is always my biggest interest.

this place is a tackle junkies paradise.

lots of tackle and other miscellaneous booths as well.

and then there is blood decks!!!!!!

here are some of the bigger vendors that i always come down to see. first is frank murata and daiwa.

johnson hicks is a northern california operation. these are the guys that installed all the electronics in boat. i am halfway considering an upgrade. i am currently running all furuno and i'm looking at a garmin system right now. i am also looking at upgrading my flir to the newer unit.

gary and ben at accurate fishing!


the master, cal sheets!


izor. heartbroken though. i missed seeing wendy!

ken's custom reels, oceanside. great place.


ok, all you old reel junkies, here you go. Randy Pauly of Vintage Offshore Tackle in San Luis Obispo, CA.

met the guy at canyon.

mr. dennis braid!!!! and woody!

okuma! lots of new stuff for this year.


seeker! i'm going to have to pick up a couple of these seeker 2x4's!

penn didn't have a booth this year, they had a stage.

steve carson gave me a reel to work on!

ahh, phenix. i have a full set of these rods and they're incredible!



and finally, charkbait! with mark and gary sato!

thursday night we headed out to this neon sushi bar called the octopus with roger, ben and jill. the music is loud but the kids like it, the fish is fresh enough, the beer is cold, the sake is hot and the prices are pretty moderate. i had a huge headache the next morning.....

if you've never been, add this show to your bucket list. it is well worth the time to see. hope you enjoyed your tour. alan
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Awesome and thanks for the tour as I am in Colorado and miss the show

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So.....don't tell me, let me guess-then you went home and looked at your pics to see if you had a good time?
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Thank you much AT, as you can guess I don't get to walk the show and see everything... You provided a great feel for what was happening and I was very glad to see you drop by. It was wonderful to see you hanging out with Gary Sato and our own Blake Rogers by the rigging area. Much FUN!!!

Great Stuff!
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