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Well, I finally laid down for a new/old boat. I've been boatless now for about 8 years. Once wife and I hatched a new boy 10 years ago my old boat was sitting in the harbor neglected. So, I let it go. Sadly, I'd traded or sold off the smaller boats while moving into the larger one which was kept on the water. Now my young son is getting older, I've watched time slipping by and I'd not done my job of getting him fishing. We did spend a little time on Caddo in East Texas. Not enough time...not enough fish, but great time nonetheless.

Background to a new/old boat. Found pretty much what I was looking for last week. A Klamath 14' DLX aluminum boat with center stearing...and an old Merc 20 hp 2 stroke. Got the boat to go along with some camping planned this week. No shakedown trip, doing things the wrong way by taking off to Havasu, about 300 miles away. Hoping that luck is with us, and if not we'll know what needs work and this dad will be in trouble. More to come...

Great Stuff!
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