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Going on these trips ?
I am all set on going fishing (Finally) 1st San Diego Landing trip is dated for the End of may, (Memorial weekend). I usually pass on these holiday trips that leave the Fri. on holiday weekends, because of the HORRIBLE TRAFFIC. I've booked a trip on the pacific Queen and they will be headed for Colnett, Yellows and rockfish, LINGS ! REDDS ! and Hopefully Yo-Yo Yellows. Sounds like a great trip, by that I mean I should come back home with some fish to eat. Honestly, if I don't bring home fish, The trip SUCKS!!! A good trip is way overdue, Too bad about last summer. This new year I hope it doesn't get half as bad as it was as last. Then I went for booking another Trip on the Islander in Late June, yes on The Islander, (I know the food sucks on this boat, but they catch fish) Just kidding!!!!!!!(about the food) I feel so "UN PREPARED" Dang I spent alot of money at the Fred Hall show, Why WorrY? Bluefin scare me I guess.I know what I must do, Face and Conquer my fears. Lets get ready to RUMBLE!!!!I went and planned alot of trips too early last year (December discounts, HA HA) and I really just wated my time/ money. Three trips were skunked by the whole boat in august, 2 day weekend trips, 3 times. I would just rather go down swinging than miss out, so this year I am booking my trips a little more timidly. It's May and I have 2 trips booked. How does that compare with anyone else? I am curious as to how other guys go about making their choices and when they decide to book a trip? Waiting for the fish counts to go up sounds the smartest, but some say that it's maybe too late by then.

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Yea - last year was tough, gonna be better this year! Looking at the Pacific Queen charter too, I really like that boat and crew. I go fishing when I can, or whenever I've got friends that can go. I tried chasing fish counts (try that at the Coronados chasing yellowtail counts - will drive ya crazy) like you mentioned wait to long and can't get a boat. Seems when the bites hot most boats get filled a couple of weeks out. I remember one year when fishing was hot you couldn't get on anything for 3 weeks!
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For my money, the shorter trips always have the greatist risk...of not finding the fish. The range is less, the boats may be less prepared to find what's available given their electronics. The larger long range boats have the better set up, and spending a bit more like 3-5 day trips allow the opportunity to hit areas that can be counted upon to produce better fishing. Fishing is always a crapshoot, it's fishing and those things tend to move around. But, the odds increase with the length of the trip.

In the past 10 years or so we've had very good early season albacore. Last year it was a smattering, better early and then fizzled. But, the LR boats had a banner year that simply has not ended. 10 years before that we had no albacore for a decade. Even if the fishing is tough, there are still fish to be caught, and I'll take any time on the water I can get, and be glad to have it - even if I do get skunked! On thing for sure, you can't catch squat if you don't get aboard one of the trips. So, let's all pray to the fishing gods for better success this year, and be thankful that we can get the time to enjoy the sport - even if we get spanked.

Great Stuff!
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