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We received some sad news yesterday. One of our long time clients, going back to the time I opened our Huntington Beach shop, passed away recently. Grant was a gifted neurosurgeon, father of two wonderful sons who loved fishing. Grant began shopping at our place near the time he retired, and he fished with passion. He was a lifelong fisherman, always a joy to spend time with and a true gentleman.

In recent years Grant moved from riding the long range boats to private boating. He had been on some of our charters, taking a trip to Guadalupe Island aboard the RP and tangling with some good size yellowfin once the island opened back up. His timing on the private boating scene seemed to coincide nicely with the big bluefin bite we've had these past few years. From my understanding he was fishing with one of his sons aboard his boat, they had a double hookup on big bluefin, hard fight, but this 80+ year old man had no quit. He died fighting the fish. Very sad to hear the news, very fitting that he should pass while fishing, while doing what he loved.

Grant was loved by all who knew him, no big ego, always friendly, with an intellect to match his heart. He was someone we all loved here, will be missed so much. His family's loss is profound, but he left behind so many great memories, touched so many peoples lives, and made this world a better place professionally and personally. Very hard to believe he is gone, but I'm very proud to have met this man and his sons. One of the greatest men I have encountered in my life. We are all saddened by Grant's passing, but so glad that we got to know this gentleman and his family over the past 18 plus years. What an amazing man, the lives he touched and helped, wonderful father, skilled fisherman who loved being on the water. May the Harashima family know how much he was respected, appreciated, and missed. We will always remember and respect this wonderful man.

Our sincere condolences to the family,
Mark Smith
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