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I had been saving up for an Avet Raptor reel but now that Charkbait, Avet's main distributor, has stopped taking orders I am concerned about Avet's viability as a company. I respect Mark Smith the owner of Charkbait (I love his videos), and I would probably have made the same decision he made. Companies that cannot fill orders on a timely basis often are in financial trouble. There is no sense in buying a reel when I won't be able to purchase parts in the future.

Can anyone shed any light on Avet's ability to maintain its status as a going concern?

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I don't see Avet going away. They just have too many models in their line and from a dealer's perspective need to trim the options or handle them in a different manner. They've added models over the years, but not trimmed offerings so they've grown to about 800 different reels in the line when you consider the various models, options, colors... In some ways this is great, in others it's simply impossible to manage well. It's hard if not impossible to do what they are trying to do. I've put the Avet products back up on the site. As of today we should see the lions share of our back orders covered. I needed to send a message, seems as though it was received. Will know that with certainty later today when the shipment arrives. Should be close to 20K of products arriving this afternoon and that will indeed put a dent in back orders - hopefully clearing all orders we've been waiting on.

Thank you for your comments, and expressed concerns. Better to bring them up for discussion than be in doubt.

Great Stuff!
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Thanks for clearing that up.

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