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I arrived back home from Deer hunting yesterday and was I a happy little Girl. My order was awaiting me in the Gun Store.

Can't wait to drop the PL68 down at 0400 and hook a Cow or Super Cow.

Will send you pix.

Thanks for the awesome service.
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CharkBait Staff
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Best of luck on the trip!!!

Great Stuff!
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Well really, what else do you expect? These guys are good.
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You go boy catch personal best and post the photos

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Sorry Gang...no new personal bests beaten on this trip.

It was a blessing to be out on the water again.
Caught 6 Yellowfin and 5 Grouper.

I was in a serious FUNK! There was 1 1/2 days out of the 5 days of fishing where I couldn't do anything right.

It was SOOO BAD FOR ME...I couldn't get a lap dance in a strip club with a fistfull of $100's.


Was witness to one of the most EPIC BATTLES EVER! A MONSTER, ABSOLUTE MONSTER Tuna inhaled a Guy's Bait and within SECONDS!!!! Spooled an Avet 50 and the back up was applied and they tossed his pole over.

Now, the next 1 1/2 hours was the " BATTLE ROYALE " Between Kevin Osbourne the Capt., Dave the Deck Boss, Mike Pihl the Angler. Mike's Rod came back on and sent back out 5-7 times in all.

We were just cheering him on and finally after 40 minutes, almost everyone else onboard had pulled in their line to stay out of the way and watch.

Sadly, His line parted and the fish won it's freedom.
He did get his rod and reel back.

He baited up another rod instantly and went back out. He caught a biog 180 pounder after the loss.

By the way, that battle was after we boated a 326.4 pounder for another client. The lost fish was OBVIOUSLY bigger.

All in all, a wonderful trip. 4 of us on departure day, had a beautiful memorial service for the parents that we have lost at Christmas.
We had a beautiful sunset service on the bow where I tossed flowers that I brought in honor of my Mom, and Dad in law and my Dad who are all buried at Sea.

So, here is one of my 150's that I caught in honor of my Father.

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