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Pacific Eagle of Port Hueneme

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17 June 2007, 11:02 PM
Pacific Eagle of Port Hueneme
Boarded Thursday night to fish Friday June 15th. Private charter with friends. Previous reports showed good numbers of GIANT squid. Skip says they averaged about 20 pounds and were about 3 feet in length. He was hesitant in trying for them because they unually hung deep, about 400 feet, so we'd have to jig for them with big lead and big trebles. Once a couple are hooked and retrieved to the boat, then many others will follow. The school, once brought up, will usually hold about 100 feet deep and can be easily picked off with straight-down yo-yo-ed jigs.

But alas, giant squid was a moot discussion because we never attempted it.

We took on 20 or so scoops of healthy sardines with some 'chovies mixed in and shoved off at 11:20 PM. Got some sleep until skip cut the motors about 2:30AM. He was doing a Squid (bait) stop on the outside of Santa Cruz island. I was about to tie-on a squid jig when Frenchy, the #1 deck hand was heaving a bait net half-full of the live stuff. Dang! the bait had already balled-up under the lights as skip cut the motors that we didn't need to coax them at all. After another 20-25 scoops and a 5-gallon pail filled to the brim and we were off. I had never seen squid ball-up that quickly before; I guess skip called ahead for the appointment.

5:AM we anchored off of Santa Rosa Island. White Seabass Hunting. They caught 9 here two days before. I HATE SEABASS HUNTING. It's a high-risk, low-yeild waist of time. I usually catch seabass while trying for whitefish and sheephead when the seabass move through. If the WSB don't happen, at least we'd have something to show for in the mean time. Anyway, 10:AM nothing, except that I'd already switched to a 12 pound rig and little hooks for the couple dozen sand dabs (ling cod bait for later).

Off we go about 3 miles off of South Point, 200-250 feet deep with strong current. I was using 1-pond weight, should have had 2-pounds, maybe more. The weather was awesome - barely any wind, light over cast and no swells. The ocean was FLAT CALM, about as flat as I've ever seen, even in the passages between the islands where it's usually rought - flat. We'd drift over to the NO-FISH santuary and circle back for another go. After 3 passes, skip had some mercy on us and went in shallower to 150, hoping the weights would decrease. Not by much though. Tough drift for such a calm day - very weird. I lost more rigs and lead on this trip than any other; EIGHT sets of sinkers and hooks.

Eighteen anglers averaged about 8 per for the trip. Jackpot was a 10.2 pound lingcod enticed via sand dab. As always the skipper and crew were professional and accomodating. Great boat, recommend the Pacific Eagle to anyone. Only thing that I would have done different was trade the SWB time for whitefish.

Tight Lines,
18 June 2007, 07:25 AM
Sounds like you had FUN though, and when all is said and done, thats all that counts eh?


"Learn from the experts, you won't live long enough to figure it all out on your own..."
22 June 2007, 07:03 PM
the pacific eagle is a good boat, do they still sell the beer for a dollar.

23 June 2007, 09:40 PM
Sorry, I'm not into Brewskys so I'm the wrong one to ask. Cheeseburgers come standard with grilled onions though.

BTW, the day after our trip was another that was chartermastered by a another buddy. They did better than us - limits of rock fish by 10:AM, then went for whitefish. The CM said they didn't need as much lead, so we just had a tough current.

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