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I am a Hater: Trip Report
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Got to say this just once to get it out of my brain....I HATE ANCHOVIES....
There ,, I feel better now.

Jumped on the Aztec out of Seaforth Friday 6/27 for a 1 1/2 day'er. They had already baited up
so as soon as everyone is on board we head south for some action. Bout 7pm.
putting out of the harbor I take a peek into the bait tank and just about jumped
out of the boat. Anchovies and tons of them. I asked the crew...."Where's the Sardine"
they start giggling and ask me if I was aware of the sardine shortage or was I just stupid.
Told them I thought that problem was for other boats not the one I am fishing on.
Guess I'm not so special after all. Smiler Then the new owner and Captain , Capt. Gregg
comes down for the usual safty/fishing/planning meeting and proceeds to
tell us all how wonderful Anchovies were and that they catch buckets full of tuna.
Proper hooking technique, through the collar and how good they are.
Yes I am sure they can be wonderful but not on this trip. Tried fishing with them several
times. #4 hook to 20lb fluoro to 30 lb spectra. Cast the little bugger out and after about
30 seconds of pulling they just pooped out and croaked. 20 is just too heavy. Later on
in the day some guys started to dump anchovies on the slide to get them away from
the boat and that was successful.

From sun up to about 1pm all fish were caught on either the troll or megabaits fished
on the slide. Not one fish on bait until about 3 pm. Then a FEW were caught by dumping
the bait early on the slide. But would say 10% of all fish caught were with the Anchovies.
Very strange bite yesterday. We would simultaneously get 2-3 knock downs and maybe
one on the slide then nothing.
We did not have one hot prolonged bite. Would get a troll knock down
and the tuna would boil and charge about 70 yds from the
boat but when the got within about 40 yds
they would sink out. This happened all day. It was strictly a troll and slide fishing day.
The weather was of the "Rock & Roll" varity winds were OK but the sea state was
producing 7-8 ft swells. Doable but just barely.

But thanks to Captain Gregg we had a great fishing day slow but steady for the entire day.
He was captain of the Pride and has purchased the Aztec. He is very communicative and is
constantly letting everyone know where we are at and his progress hunting down the
temp. breaks that he is hunting for. Very clean boat and nice bunks great crew willing
to be of any service possible. Would put the Aztec on my "A" list of boats to charter.

Personally: 2 YF on the troll, 1 yf on the megabait. And farmed one on the troll and
one on the megabait. Had to stop fishing around 4pm,,, was just beat up from
the constant boat motion caused by the large swells. 3 was enough for the wife and I.
Just kicked back and enjoyed watching the guys do battle.
The boats catch... Yellow Fin with a couple of BF and 1 Yellow Tail.
Tuna ran in the 15 to 25 lb range. 84 YF, 2 BF and 1 YT.

Overall a great time, great boat, great fishing and
great Captain and crew.


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CharkBait Staff
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Great report Walt, much appreciated. Toss'n 'chovies ain't quite the same as a 2-3 ounce 'deen. On our 8 day last month we had both sardine and anchovy as bait, and we made some bait too. Those sardines were big enough to put a saddle on! Downright mackerel sized things. Don't know how a fish could engulf 'em...but we didn't get on the tuna to see.

Great Stuff!
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