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Hurricane Preparation

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22 October 2012, 08:33 AM
Hurricane Preparation
When I was down in Puerto Escondido last week we had Hurricane Paul move on thru. As you can see from this image we got pretty lucky and only made the scale of Cat. 3. We did receive 11-12 inches of rain and some pretty gnarly winds.

So how did we prepare? Yep, we went fishing Monday before the storm hit full force Tuesday afternoon.
We had the best day of fishing that we heard of from all the other boats we spoke with. The score for us was 4 barrilete, 3 dorado, 4 sails and 2 marlin. We were hunting dorado but once the billfish moved in the dorado bite shut down.

I only fished one day offshore on this trip but did my land based fishing a little. Spent more time firing up peoples generators that were away, waiting for the roads to be made passable, securing water and other stuff after the Hurricane.

I was only able to get a few pics as the battery in the camera died shortly after I took a couple. This is the middle sized dorado I caught. Sorry no pics of the billfish as I find it very hard to handle it when we only have the three people on the boat, one on the fish, one wire man and the other operating the boat. Two times on this trip we had billfish that I thought were going to leap into the boat. Not a good thing in any boat but on a 21' center console down right scary.

My biggest let down of the trip was that El Rey Del Taco was not open so I could get my fix for the best fish taco's in Loreto
25 October 2012, 07:51 AM
Thanks as always Mark, nice report and nice fishing!

Great Stuff!