Tuna Time!
At-sea report from the current 10-day trip of the Polaris Supreme (see their webpage report). On 11/13, a limited load of fishermen landed YFT of (bigger sizes listed here) 160, 195, 200, 274 and 304... Oh yeah...
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Not sure if that boat traveled down to the Huricane or not, that was the gameplan for the RP. But, the bigger fish we metered in the area of the cows 2 years ago, but didn't get to bite, have gone on the chew this week. The fish are there, and now they're biting.

There are some trips that are running the risk of cancelations, but I have a feeling that this will change now that the tuna are starting to bite! That's great news for the landings, and for fishermen who can get 10 days off to go catch 'em.

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LR Update...

Frank Lo did cancel the Shogun ten day in December....Frowner maybe he did it a day to soon only time will tell.

Postscript...Sctty and Andrea were very professional in handling the bad news for yours truly. I look forward to fishing the R P or Shogun in years to come just based on their collective attiude and professionalism.

SDTuna -
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Theres alot of tuna love going out to all my fans !!!!-----Charlie Tuna, ( the tasty one!! )
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