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CHARKBAIT! 2011 6 Day Charter Report
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CHARKBAIT!/Royal Polaris 6 Day 2011
One Dorado...Two Dorado and more...
Limit Style Fishing

Just returned Friday 30th AM from our 6 Day Charter on the Royal Polaris.
Loaded up with 35 passengers and stuffed with sardines skipper Roy Rose made a left turn out of Point Loma San Diego
into Mexican waters and headed south to the Ridge.

DAY ONE arriving at the ridge we setup on the anchore and it was game on all the 12lb to 25lb yellowtail you wanted.
Yo Yo iron anything was the perfered snack for these brutes, It was a great way to start off the trip.
Fishing 40lb and 50lb line was the ticket. After a couple few dozen of those we started hooking YFT (yellowfin tuna) on fly line sardine. If you wanted a yellowtail drop down a heavy jig or dropper loop with sardine if you wanted a tuna flyline a bait it was that good. Some of the folks decided to use a dropper loop 80lb rig on the bottom with a big mackeral or a slab of mack and catch a big grouper and we landed one over 70lbs awsome.
Before we all new it it was dinner time and we spent the night on the ridge.

DAY TWO we looked around for some veriety to catch and we found it under bird schools.
If your from Texas or Florida you would say Dolphin, Hawaii its Mahi Mahi, but we were in Mexican waters and
these were Dorado. The best wide open bite on some nice size fish I would call it 12lb to 30lb flat heads I have ever seen. It was pandamoniam. Pin on a bait, cast it out, hook a dorado, call for a gaff. Fast and furious line screaming jumping funi it was a blast. After few hours of that we headed for more tuna and yellowtail on the ridge
rounding out a excellent day of fishing.

DAY THREE we stared back up toward home to fish Cedros Island for halibut and calico bass.
We set-up on the lee side of Cedros Island and started a drift for the flatties we ended up with 4 very respectable halibut
a couple of fish were in the 20lbs and a bonus 38lb barn door some sand bass and calico bass and we were done.
We were still a long way from home so we started back for San Deigo.
The skipper Roy had a call from another boat offshore catching bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna right were we were headed.
A few hours later we were stopping on kelp paddy hooking bluefin and yellowfin tuna well needless to say it was the icing on the cake.

All in all we limited on Yellowtail and dorado boated a few grouper a few bluefin tuna, 30+ YFT, halibut, bass and a big pargo.

Thanks to all for joining CHARKBAIT on this 6 day trip on the Royal Polaris.
We had the best of folks from all over Arizona, Texas, Cleveland Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Saint Paul Miniapolas,
San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange etc.

Thank You
Roy Rose and crew of the Royal Polaris for the great service and excellent food your the best of the best.

Thank mark for sending me.

Congradulations to our Jack Pot Winners
1st place Mike Lynch of Lakeside for a dorado of 27.6 pounds
2nd place Matt Giacalone with a 25-pound yellowfin tuna
3rd place Erik Martinson of Orange with a 23-pound dorado. The biggest fish of the trip was a halibut caught at Cedros by and Frank Piranio of San Diego for a very nice 38lb halibut.
Biggest fish of the trip was a 72lb grouper.

photos and vids posted soon

John Hazlett Out...
See you next year
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CharkBait Staff
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Video and a few pics posted in the Charter Section of our website.

Great Stuff!
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