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2 Day, El Capitan

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30 July 2007, 07:14 PM
2 Day, El Capitan
Hello all,
Just returned from a 2day on the El Cap. Fished the 28 & 29th. 6 albi's & 1yt for 18 people. I was not one of the fortunate. One long boat ride. Saw lots of albi's & bft, just wouldn't bite. Used 20# w/20# floro. and could not get picked up. Have another trip this weekend. Hopefully more productive then the last. If I do not post a review, it is because I jumped overboard...........
30 July 2007, 08:50 PM
It can only get better - seems you caught the bite in the middle of the "cross-over"...
07 August 2007, 09:31 PM
Back out for the 2-day on the5th & 6th. Trip started out w/a paddy for 4 yellows. I managed to get one. Only about 12lbs but the stink was finally off me. Nothing until about 5pm when Cpt. Allen metered some fish, and my trolling rig got bit. Albi #1 hit the deck and all hell broke loose, WFO albacore. Landed 4 more for my limit and was sawed off on 4 more. After dark, I threw a double dine on a steel leader and my new hooX landed a 60lb mako about 2minutes. HOO X also caught two albies, JX/2 2 albies, MXJ/2 landed the yellow. These are my first fish on the 2-speeds. THese reels are freaking awesome. I can hardly wait until the 10-day in oct.