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Red Rooster III 8 Day CharkBait Charter

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07 November 2018, 07:58 AM
Red Rooster III 8 Day CharkBait Charter
Returned Tuesday from our 8 day charter, and a fantastic trip it was. The best wahoo fishing I've ever experienced, over 100 fish taken in two days dedicated wahoo fishing. We spent a couple days fishing tuna, some fish up to 40 lbs, most 20-30. Finished up with yellowtail, some small, but one bite turned up some good quality fish 25-35 lbs and one modest sized grouper. Wonderful bunch of guys and gals on the boat, probably 60% or better returning from last year. Wahoo Bob Cherry again shared techniques and his experience with anglers interested in catching some "skins." (We all learned a lot on this trip.)

Great Stuff!