Fish report Eureka...
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There are some salmon being caught here, this type of fishing is being at the right place at the right time some of the fish are in the mid 20's but a lot are running mid teens.

Water is still a bit cold (47.9) and the Northerlies are still howling, winds are predicted to get to 35 possibly 45 this weekend with big windwaves (7-9 feet).

Lots of bait and good signs for a great season if the darn weather will settle down a bit for us.

I went out yesterday and tried for another Pacific Butt but no love there, I did jig up a half dozen nice sand sole for dinner while drifting for da butts.

I tried trolling for salmon but the wind was picking up and it was cold and there was a 4-5' west swell with a 3-4' NW wind wave and it was just getting nasty to try to fish so I tossed in the towell about noon.

Yeah I know I'm a wuss.Smiler

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Next time Jan!
Are things gettting any better up there this week?
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Hay JanZ,

Yor are no WUSS, at least you were out there and on the water, the rest of us are "a-wishin".

Keep up the reports no mater what the result, it gives the rest of us HOPE ..... LOL.


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