Eureka 8/13
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Well ladies and germs as Grambo said it's great fishing and the weather is perfect. I'm hearing reports of lots of 30# and some 40-50# fish being caught out there.

The guys with the down riggers are doing the best as the fish are down 90-150 feet, cheapskates (Like me. Lol) without the riggers are limited to divers and have a harder time enticing a salmon to bite.

I tried for the pacific halibut the better part of the day down at the Cape Mendocino area with no takers.

I did run in to a faviorite rockpile and had just enough time to take a nice 12-15 pound ling and a few fat rockfish before the afternoon winds kicked up.

The cape as we call it is a 20-25 mile run depending on where you decide to fish so you better pay close attention to what the weather and seas are doing. As if you are caught down there and it snots up you are in for a long wet ride home.

As it was I ran into fog around ten miles south of Humboldt bay and had 50-100 yards of visibility untill I got back inside the bay.

Thank God and Garmin I have a GPS.

Today was only a 63 mile day and I think I burned 7 gallons of fuel.

Life is good in Eureka, the weather is great and the fish are biting.

Making Humboldt bay safe for bait one halibut at a time
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My hats off to those brave enough and motivated sufficiently to be a deep water boater. Just be careful out there! As Jan says, GPS! Man, rocket dudes use Garmin units when we walk miles in fields to recover our devices. We use the units to draw a line to the horizon where we saw the parachute sink out of sight. We then use them to find our way back--especially at night when it gets unbelievably dark (what color is darker than black, anyway). This is on land! At sea, man, I'd want a satellite phone, two radios, radar, sonar, GPS, laser distress beacon, rocket-powered flares, and a top-of-the-line life raft. And maybe a twin-30 in case some pirates decide to do their business. Well, OK, scratch the 30s (rocket-powered flares will do in a pinch).
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