Stripers & Blue Devils
Picture of Ol Pedro
Went out with Capt. Mike on the Gambler for Stripers Tuesday . Only 10 fares in the lot . Mike went anyway . We cleared Manasquan Inlet to gray skies and calm seas . We traveled less than 3 miles south and started reading fish tight to the bottom . We were into fish within minutes on our first drift . I caught a keeper striper on my third cast . It ate the Ironman#3 . a couple of casts later I was bit off by a huge Gator Bluefish .It sawed through doubled up 30 lb . I swithced to a #7 Kroc and continued to catch . I got bit off again and another Gator got a lip ring . Had to go to an 80lb floro leader to keep my jigs . When the dust settled I had a limit of Stripers and kept a limit of Blues . The fishing was steady with shots of bass then Blues . Ava's seemed to be the hot bait and the fish had Sand Eels and a few bunker in their stomachs . Capt. Mike did a great job keeping us on the Meat !

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