Got um in the rain
Picture of Ol Pedro
the Gambler headed out of Manasquan Inlet to windy/wet conditions Sunday Morning with 20 customers . We turned North and found life close to the beach 2/3rds of the way to the Hook . The Stripers had Bunker pushed up close to the surf line . We got a couple of Bass and Bluefish on jigs the first couple of drifts . We managed to snag some Bunker for bait and fished them live/fresh dead . I put one out on a 1 oz. egg slider rig and was greeted with a freight train runoff . I counted to five and locked up my Jigmaster jr and almost got spooled . A few minutes later after one half lap of the boat Todd gaffed my (20lb?) Striper. As the wind/swell built we continued to pick one or two on every drift . we made sure all four kids on the boat caught one of these Beasts . We ended up with 13-16 Stripers to 25 lbs and a dozen Bluefish .

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