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Charkbait Eclipse 1.5 day trip 7-14 /7-16

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20 July 2013, 02:47 PM
Charkbait Eclipse 1.5 day trip 7-14 /7-16
Got the opportunity to fish the CB 1.5 day trip on the Eclipse earlier this week. Had a full load with 26 anglers plus myself. boat departed at 9pm and soon after leaving the dock Capt Steve came down and gave us the low down.

Plan was to head down south and hit paddys for yellows and hopefully pick off a couple tuna as well. After getting the info from Capt Steve most guys rigged up with 30# setups and used 2/0 to 3/0 ringed hooks and then crashed out for the night.
Next morning we started trolling at sunup and soon after found a nice kelp and went to work.

Capt pointed out that there was an albatross on the water. Never seen one before so I took a quick pick of it.

soon after taking the pic of the albatross the yellows went off. We put about a half dozen or so yellows on the deck before they disappeared.

Left that paddy and started looking around again and while trolling past a small piece of kelp I got bit on the troll and managed small dodo.

Ended up being the only dorado of the trip. Again back to trolling. About an hr later the capt gets on the loudspeaker to say there's a 500 pound swordfish finning right in front of the boat. Here's a few pics of the sword circling around the boat.

Second skipper tried to bait the sword for about 20 minutes but the sword wanted nothing to do with the big mack he was tossing. Off to look for paddy's again.
Took a while to find another paddy but the deckhands where working the binos on the top of the bridge and they eventualy found another kelp for us to fish. Everyone hit the rail and went to work.

This 8 year old young man landed a nice tail

Not to be outdone the young man in this photo who's hooked up was fishing on his 14th bday and having a great time. Here he is making quick work of the yellow he caught on his own.

Nice job bday boy !!!! and the deckhand helping him out is Anothny ,one of our San Diego Charkbait employees.
Another gentalman was having a tough go of it so I hooked a fish and passed it of to him. Here he is putting the hurt on another yellowtail.

and the fish he caught.

Not a monster but at least he was on the board with a fish.

The birthday boy got back into the action again

Almost to the gaff

Got him !!!!

Birthday boys smile says it all !!!

Here's a few more pics of kelp paddy action on the Eclipse.

Little beter bite on that kelp

That was the last bite for the trip. After that it was time for dinner. We got to watch the home run derby on satellite tv while eating. Pretty cool!!

Some of the 115 yellows we landed for the trip

Overall it was a fun trip with a great group of anglers. Thanks to all who signed up and fished the CB charter. Had a blast fishing with you all.

The Eclipse is a sweet boat !!! With a great crew and Capt. They worked hard all day and night for us. Thanks guys.

Hope to see you guys on one of our future charters.

Tight lines,

P.S some videos will be posted of the trip shortly.

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