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Laguna Niguel Lake 1/16/12 report

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16 January 2012, 04:51 PM
Laguna Niguel Lake 1/16/12 report
So with Martin Luther King day off, decided to try and take the family fishing.
Weather report said "patchy clouds with sunny skies" - NOT! Smiler

It was raining on and off pretty much the entire time I was out there. Kids stayed home as it was too wet out there for my little ones.

So I show up about 520am - to find only 3 cars ahead of me in line. I should have known then it probably wasn't going to a good day. I have fished LNL on a Tuesday before and caught so I figured this would be ok.
First hi-jinks of the day - as I start my car at 5:55PM, it won't turn over. (UH-OH) So I look down and it doesn't recognize my key fob. (I have one of those keyless entry things). So I wait for it to recognize it, then try again, no love. Meanwhile, all the other cars are driving by me on their way in the lake. So I let it sit for a bit, try again, now it goes key not found while I am trying to start. AGH! FINALLY after another minute, I get the darn thing started (whew!) and am on way. There was no guard at the gate, so everyone had to use the automated entry thing, which slowed everyone down...

So get the good spot (or so I think) right by the tree in zone one. First time ever I have seen that spot open.
I debate quickly whether I should go to zone 2/3 near the flats as I have always done well there, but I figure what the heck lets try the tree spot as I have seen and heard from others its a very good spot.

I get my lines out in the water, and .... nothing.. waiting.... nothing.... waiting.... nothing.... uh-oh...
I am watching the guy next to me, he's getting nothing. The guys to the right of me caught 1 early, but after that, nothing..

Anyways, managed to get hooked up on 1 trout, and caught 1 teeny tiny crappie while jigging.
Turns out the tree wasn't so go a spot today, as the guys around me got skunked or that 1 fish. (Another pair came by later, and one of them was getting bites, but nothing stellar.

Turns out my favorite spot in zone 2/3 was supposed on fire. A husband and wife caught there 10 limit by 9am or so.
So we hear from the staff that they are catching em in very shallow water 10 ft from shore. On yellow power eggs, nothing else.

I moved my lines way in closer, but to no avail. At least I beat the skunk! Smiler

Another funny story - a guy and his son and daughter start fishing right next to boat docks. The father sets up two poles, (never a single bite on them) when I was there) - he gives the son a little lure and he is catching the same teeny tiny crappie that I caught. At one point, the boy yells across to his dad, why aren't you catching any?!?!? Ahh from the mouth of babes....

I have read that when it rains, the fish tend to go shallow, but I am not sure why. Guess I learned my lesson.
I didn't have my lines in short for very long as I had to go, but I'll file this away for next time it rains....

Tight lines all!
17 January 2012, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the report. Good or bad they all help. Sorry to here about the car not starting too. Did you notice if any of the boaters where doing any good ? Was thinking of going to LNL tomorrow and renting a boat and doing some mini jiging but if its slow I may go do some trolling at Irvine instead.
17 January 2012, 09:43 AM
Hello, unreel.
Boaters and float tubers tended to be slow, but the shore guys in zone 2 were limiting. It was raining so the fish were in close to shore.

I was suprised to hear that they were catching them with casts out only 10 feet from shore.

Apparantly, trout come in very close to shore after or during rains since the rain tends to wash food from shore into the lake. (Or so I am told.)
It would explain why I saw big schools of tiny crappie around me.
Good luck tomorrow, whereever you end up! Smiler