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Colonet 1.5 day Eclipse 02/27/16

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29 February 2016, 10:00 AM
Colonet 1.5 day Eclipse 02/27/16
First off let me give warning - these are some angry yellows! It's been awhile since I fished heavy yoyo iron and what a blast it was! Took the Eclipse out of Seaforth, can't say enough positive about Capt and crew. Very well run operation. Anyway here's what worked for me, a Avet JX 2 speed on a Calstar 665h with 40lb P-Line Cxx top shot of 50 yds and backed with 65lb spectra with a Salas 6x heavy jig in scrambled egg. Also had a Pro Gear V-50 with Izor line First String 40lb backed with 50 lb spectra on a Calstar 700h and a Tady heavy 4/0 jig in white with glow back. Lighter jigs like Salas 6x Jr. and such couldn't get down with the current and depth we were fishing. Both set-ups worked well, but that 2 speed option with the Avet was well appreciated. Lots of guys had these red or copper colored jigs that worked well, probably matching the hatch with the red crabs. Ended up with 4 fish in the 15 to 25lb class range. Having the right set-ups made all the difference. Boat ended up with 98 yellows for 28 anglers, fun trip.

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18 May 2016, 09:12 AM
Heading out on the Eclipse Friday, missed our usual rockfish charter this year so this will be my first time out. Hope we get into the kind of bite you had...except me thinks we'll be looking for bluefin.

Great Stuff!