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Hello all,

I just wanted to give a short report (or maybe long…ha ha) on my trip to Puerto Escondido and the Trupui fishing tournament.

First I will start with the fishing. The fishing was tough this year, much tougher than years past. The water was colder in most areas and off color. Also bait was very hard to make with only one place holding some that we knew of. Even with this we decided to try to make our own bait instead of running 15 miles north to buy bait in Loreto just turn around and head back the 15 miles and then head even further south to try the areas we wanted to fish.

Day one of fishing, two days before the tourney started, we head out to a place called Deep Bait to see if we can get some live ones to fish with. I think after an hour and a half of bait making we have 5 live ones in the tank and 2 dead that rolled shortly after catching them but this is going to have to do. We head off trying to find the right water and look for fish. After looking around a few places and trolling we can not seem to find the right water or any Dorado. Around 11:00 we make a call to head to an area called Sailfish and do a little looking around. By 12:00 we are a mile or so off the spot and we see a leaping marlin and the water is up a few degrees, hmm things are looking better. We troll the area for nada so we pull the trolling jigs and start to move to the high spot looking for some yellowtail. After the lures are pulled we see the tell tale sign of a fish just under the surface. This v shaped mini wake just keeps moving across the surface so we slowly slide close enough to see a Dorado just cruising along. Quickly we rig a live bait on a fly line setup and move carefully in front of the fish. The fish spots the bait and makes a bee line for it. The baits we have are kind of big but not huge and this fish picks it up, drops it and comes back to inhale it. Yeah baby game on, and after several spectacular leaps we have our first fish on the hold a 17lb Dorado and the skunk is off of the boat. We then proceed to the high spot at Sailfish and drop a couple dropper loop setups looking for some yellows. Well on the first drop one of the rigs gets hammered about 50 feet below the boat well before getting down the 200 feet where the yellows are at. The hook is set and out of the water comes a nice Stripped Marlin. Again after a great air borne show and a nice tug of war the fish is brought to the boat and released. With all of our live bait now exhausted we discuss what our next move should be. While doing this a young man fishing with us today named Jimmy age 13, spots something sticking out of the water about 200 yards behind us and after looking closely I see its not one thing but two. My father thinks it is a Manta Ray and I too have seen them stick the tip of their wings out of the water while sunning themselves but it looks a little different to me and after a little coxing I get my pops to take a closer look. Sure enough it is another Striped Marlin slowly cruising along the surface. I rig up a fresh dead bait and slide it back as we slowly make our way in front of the marlin. This fish sees our offering and charges it all lit up, it is bright blue with well defined white stripes, oh man this is going to be good. But about 10 feet before it reaches the bait it turns and slowly sinks out I guess it didn’t like our offering that much. We decided we played with the marlin enough, after all we are here looking for Dorado for the Dorado tournament so pulled the lines called it a day and headed back to the barn.

Just a little note here, Jimmy, a great kid by the way, is staying with his grandfather and grandmother and at this time they don’t have a boat, though soon they will have another one. Some of his friends were fishing in the tournament and he really wanted to also. So after my father and I chatted a bit we came to the conclusion that since we were already paid in and we can have up to four people on a team it made sense to add Jimmy and we would be a three man team instead of just two. We didn’t have to ask him twice and on both days of the tournament he met us with his lunch and cold drinks packed 15 minutes before the time we asked him to meet us.

Its day two of fishing and the first day of the tournament and we have a new game plan. We decide that today we will make bait again because even the pangas in Loreto are having trouble getting it and will run north east and look for the warmer water in that area. Again we head to Deep Bait and meet maybe ten other boats in the tourney all trying to make bait. I think today we only get four live baits and lose many sinkers off our bait rigs to the Humboldt Squid; those pieces of crap pull the sinkers right off of your sabikis.

As we run north east we do find warmer water but the wind is picking up, the ride is getting snotty and guys more northeast of us say its only getting worse the further they head that way. We troll the area we are in with the warmer water but it still does not look right and not really holding any life in it. We troll for around a hour with the waves and wind only getting worse so we make the call to head back to Sailfish where we saw the life two days ago while prefishing.

After arrival we drop down a live bait and are met with some nice Cabrilla. Here is a picture of Jimmy with one of the Cabrilla.

On this trip with bait so hard to make I only fish the iron with the only exceptions of the first days Dorado and the dead bait dropped back for the marlin to look at. On around my tenth drop of a Tady 4/0 I am met with a fish, my line rips off my reel strait back to the bottom. I manage to gain back thirty yards of line to only have it head back strait down and this does on ten more times before I can get the fish away from the structure. I feel better now that the fish will not rock me but it still wont come up and it is not making the long runs of a yellowtail. I’m thinking to myself what have I caught? Well we get the fish in to gaff range and swing it into the boat.

It is a nice Amber Jack and weighs 35.2lbs back at the weigh in. Yes team Pacifico is now on the leader board.

We fish this area for another yellowtail in the 25lb range. With our live bait gone we make a move to fish a area called 6 Mile. My father fishes a Megabait type iron and I still fish the Tady 4/0 but the only fish we catch are Cabrilla and a smaller yellow around 20lbs. We make the call to head in to weigh the Amber Jack and are back at the dock by 2:30.

Day three fishing and the last day of the tournament starts with us back at Deep Bait making some live bait. Today the squid are a real PITA not only are they thick and stealing our sinkers but when we do hook a bait or two they move in and rip the bait off our lines. We are only able to make two baits today before we start to go and look for fish.

Our plan today is to head due east and look around and see what we can find. The further east we head the colder the water gets. WTF? The water temp dropped to 79 degrees before we decide to head back and look in the warmer water.

Back at Sailfish the water was warmer and we fish the area for a while but the water still does not look good. While only fishing the iron another boat also fishing in the tournament drops off five live baits to us which they were able to buy in Loreto. Thanks guys. Here we are only met with raked baits and a small Cabrilla for our efforts. So we move on.

We head back over at 6 Mile to be met with many boats fishing this area. We see several pangas and many other boats, some in the tourney and some not. The yellows were on the chew. I am still fishing the iron and my dad is fishing bait. We manage to catch two yellows some Cabrilla and a couple of Baraletti (sp?) the Sea of Cortes version of a Bonita.

Well we call it a day and a tournament and head back to the weigh in to see what the largest yellow weighs.

The tournament was again a huge success even though the Dorado did not want to play. I want to thank everyone who made the tournament possible again this year. We ate tri-tip and chicken at the tournament dinner all donated by one of the anglers with all the side dished donated by a lady in town and had a huge raffle with all the gear donated including several very nice reels, custom wrapped rods, big assortment of lure packs and other really nice stuff. The Dorado were not caught for lack of trying, we had many great fisherman in boats going in all directions looking for them, they were just not around this year. A few were caught and the boat that took the Dorado division was able to boat two, the only boat to do so. Good job guys.

All the money raised this year is going to the Fire Department in Loreto. They are going to build them cooking facilities, get them some bunk beds and other equipment they can use, right now they have no place to cook at work and some guys have to sleep on the floor because there is a lack of beds.

Oh yeah I got bumped out of big fish honors this year by a yellow that weighed in over a pound more than the Amber Jack. Well there is always next year. Team Pacifico out.

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