Rancho Leonero
2nd Ticket
Fished the East Cape at Rancho Leonero on August 16-18th.

We were fishing near Leonero in a panga on the first day. We could not find sardinas that day so we fished with caballitos and mainly landed dorado. Most were schoolie size but a few were bulls. Next trip I might bring some heavy jigs with appropriate tackle and fish the bottom for tuna. I picked up one 20# tuna using a small white Dynatrol jig which was the heaviest lure I had with me. The boat was drifting in the breeze and it took close to two hundred yards of line out before I hit bottom. I was fishing with a hundred yard mono topshot on a rod with a rather soft tip. The yo-yo technique with that setup was not practical. Retrieving the Dynatrol from the bottom at a medium speed is when I got the hit by the tuna I landed. I got two other hits in the same fashion but I had not replaced the stock trebles on the Dynatrol and the tuna threw the jig fairly easily.

The next day we did quite well on Tuna at Los Frailles which is about an hour or hour and a half trip (depending on the type of boat you are traveling in)from Leonero. There were sardinas (anchovies) available and we drifted from a cruiser fly-lining the bait with no weight and a flurocarbon leader. I used 30# test topshot with an Avet MXJ Raptor and circle hooks. We did very well on 20-25# yellowfin and also picked up some schoolie dorado. We tried tossing iron, using swim baits and Shimano Butterfly jigs but, the tuna seemed to prefer live bait. We were blown of the water by 10:00AM and returned to Leonero after a very rough and wet trip back. We were glad we were in a cruiser, not a panga for that trip!

The next day I targeted roosterfish, in a panga, fishing close to shore just south of Leonero (near the light house). I picked up a very nice 40# rooster slow trolling a nose hooked caballito. I picked up one other smaller rooster but, my fishing partner did not hook into one rooster despite several soft pickups. After I landed the large rooster, I switched to lures and trolled plugs and spoons with no hits.
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CharkBait Staff
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Great report with good details. Thanks RP. Also wondering how things are going at the Ranch now given the hurricane.

Great Stuff!
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According to their website, they are just fine. No air flights down yet.
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