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Cabo San Lucas 11/3/06 Part 2
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I could not post pics to this post because of the large size of the file. For Pics of the catch described in this post see my 1st post entitled “Cabo San Lucas 11/03/06”.

I fell into a free trip to Cabo via the requirements of my wife’s job. Pre-Planed a day at sea through a Destination Management Co. that is trying to get business from my wife. Got a great rate, $300 for the day on a 33 footer. Took Stefan, the sales manager who arranged the trip. The two of us finally get out of the harbor at 7:30 am, start fishing at 8 am. Almost dead calm seas, 82 deg. F, 2 mph winds. Head straight south from the rocks. On the way out we leader and release one Sail (est. 60lb), one Striped Marlin (est. 80lb) and two Dorado (15-18lb) (in the cooler). Already had a great day, but there is more.

The adventure begins … around 9 am, about 16 mi. out we find this floating tree, not some sapling but a giant something, roots, limbs, trunk and all. . We make 4 passes about 30 yds from the tree and boat two small Dorado and two small sharks. (in the cooler). I look up and you can probable guess what I see on the horizon coming our way. An armada of cruisers, aren’t 2 way radios wonderful. We now have 3 other cruisers literally beached on that tree. OK, I can live with that, all the captains depend on each other to make their clients happy. Survival depends on success. The Captain say’s not to worry Senor, this is “No Problem”. I had always heard but never experienced until now that the larger fish will stay out away from the main floating debris. Cpt. Christian pulls out away from the tree about 150 yds. and starts a troll around the tree at that distance. We had used up all the pre-purchased live bait so the Cpt. Hands us some 15lb rigs with small white hoochies and we catch
everal 2 lb bonita. The mate, Israel, rigs one of them up alive, that little trick where they thread the line through the eye ball sockets and sew on a 10/0 hook. That tasty little morsel did not last more then 5 min. when the International 50 starts to scream, full throttle for 10 sec. and I’m on. We have no idea what it is until we get color about 10 yards from the boat. That tell tale bright yellow of a Dorado. Having not broke water the whole time the bull goes air borne 15 feet from the boat, right in our face. The thing is huge the whole boat goes nuts. A couple of min. later the mate has it gaffed, the Captain getS another gaff in him and they haul that steaming mad Bull on to the deck, Mistake !
I never saw 4 guys scramble so fast to stay out of harms way. Two minuets later the scales stop flying. I go to lift 61 lbs of Mahi Mahi for a picture and am advised to wait another 20 minutes. Good advice.
The mate rigs up another fresh Bonito, 20 min. later we see a large shark going for an artificial but ignores it and heads stright for the Bonito, I grab the live bait rod and immediately my shoulders get disjointed. Full throttle for 10 sec. and I’m on. Thinking that any second the shark will cut the leader, I cannot believe I am still attached after 5 min. . All of a sudden this “Thing” comes straight up out of the water and the whole boat explodes, Blue !! Blue ! .... I could not believe it, the “Thing” was a dream come true. The adrenalin rush was contagious. What was a slow methodical clearing of the 4 other lines turned into a mad scramble to get everything in. About 40 min. later we get color , my whole body aches. My hands are blistered and sore, my back hurts and I think, finally its done. Not so quick Walt…. The Captain guns the boat and strips about 40 yds. of line off and settles back down to a slow troll. Get him in again and the same procedure, another 40 yds off the spool. Get him in again and this time the Captian not only guns the motor but zig zags the boat. The Blue Marlin had just been cruising along letting me drag him. Resting up no doubt. At this point I am getting aggravated but Stefan calms me down, advising that Christian wants that fish exhausted before tempting to take him. Realizing my mental error I exercise patience and just listen to the experts. After an hour and five min. into this its decided to go for the end game. The Blue had swallowed the bait whole and the hook set was in the stomach. During the battle it stomach was pulled inside out and ripped. (See Pic in first Post) The hook had re-set in its jaw. Due to the extent of the damage it was agreed not to release it. The mate sinks a hand gaff into its shoulder and drags it partially onto the swim step, Stefan sinks a large flying gaff into its mid section. Two violent head shakes and the hand gaff goes flying out into the ocean. The mate dives in after the gaff leaving Stefan with his hands full. The Captain jumps down off the bridge and gets a shoulder set with another hand gaff. The mate cannot get back in the boat because it too dangerous to get on the swim step with the violent Blue. I have control of the rod with the drag pulled back to about 5 pounds just in case it can attempt an escape. At this point I realize the line is fixed to a stationary object. During the gaffing attempt the line had hooked on one of the boards on the swim step and broken. Stefans set with the flying gaff was solid and the rope was secured. The mate climbs over the opposite side into the boat, and immeadeatly grabs a club and goes to work. Israel was on a mission, no more Mr. Nice Guy in this boat. They get him hauled on to the swim step and with a great effort the Captain, Mate and Stefan haul 252 lbs of Blue Marlin over the side.

We don’t know for sure but it appears that the Blue beat the Shark to the Bonito, snatching the bait at the last second, accounting for every ones great surprise when the Blue went air borne.

What a day, I feel blessed that so much excitment and good fortune could all be recieved in one day. Gave the meat away to the Crew and Stefan. They were especially happy with the shark meat which is a prized eating fish among the locals.

I kept 5 lbs of the Mahi Mahi and asked the Chef at the Hilton to prepare an appetizer type dish for our group that evening. He was more then happy to comply and the results were beyond outstanding. The best fresh fish ever.

Lessons Learned: #1 ..If big fish are a possibility always have a pair of gloves with you. I did not and paid the piper big time. My hands blistered and felt like and ATV ran over them, they did not feel right for a week. #2 .. Make sure you have a 15 lb live bait set up on board. We ran out of live bait and had to hoochie some small bonita which turned out to be the hot bait. #3 .. Do not haul a large Dorado on board without first "Nutralizing" him. We all should have known better then to do what we did. Tried to stick him immeadeatly in the fish box, but that faild with the resulting 61 lb blender trying to seek revenge.


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Thanks for the info Walt. Also, I think we have the image issue handled now....


Great Stuff!
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Great job Walt !!! You give a good report .
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