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spooling for a jx 6/3

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12 February 2009, 03:39 PM
spooling for a jx 6/3
Hey, I picked up a second hand jx 6/3 to use this summer on a 5 day. what are my spooling options?

my thought is to use it for 50 lb on a seeker cs6465h that i have. could use it at 40 lb on a 6470 that will have an LX ootherwise.

what do you think?

12 February 2009, 04:06 PM
40 or 50 although mine is spooled with 40.
A jx or lx won't pull 17-20lb of drag for very long so some added capacity is in order which is why you could go 50 on the lx.
Can't comment on the rods,as I'm a Calstar guy, and use my jx on either my 850H or 100J.

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14 February 2009, 09:12 AM
Hello Jerry,
I copied the statment below from the Charkster's info on the JX 6/3 new reel page.
Good Stuff...

The new JX and LX 2 speeds are made for taking everything from wahoo to tuna and any species in between. They spin well, great freespool like all the Avet reels. They have a fast 6:1 gear ratio and drop down to 3:1 for power. At those gear ratios you can wind in a wahoo bomb quickly and if you happen to be picked up by a 200# yellowfin instead of a wahoo you'll have the power to deal with the fish. But, be sure to rig your reel with Spectra for adequate line capacity. I'd suggest 300 yards of Izor's Spectra with a top shot of 40-50# mono. The reel will do about 15# of drag with great freespool, then button down to close to 20# at the full position on the lever. I bought both the JX and LX, running 300 yards of 50# Spectra on the JX with 120-140 yards of 40# mono and 300 yards 65# Spectra with 120-140 yards of 50# topper.