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New to SPJ; need recommendations for rod and reel

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04 April 2021, 07:24 PM
Tim K.
New to SPJ; need recommendations for rod and reel
Just becoming familiar with SPJ, and know very little about the tackle (rods and reels). I need advise regarding the use of SPJ on sportboats in Ventura County and San Diego. Budget is also a concern; COVID has eliminated luxuries. Thinking that the reel would be a 15xn... the rod, no clue. Sergey, I have seen your name on BD jigging topics. Help! It looks like fun.
08 April 2021, 12:11 PM
You're on the right track, the Fathom 15XN's are great little reels for that. They also give you the added versatility of the second gear so they're very useable for other styles of fishing as well. For SPJ specifically your best bet will be to use 30lb braid, either the Toro or J-Braid since they come in 8 strand varieties. As far as rods go I would be looking at the Daiwa Harrier SP's, Okuma Hawaiian Slow Jig and Temple Reef Elevates. The Elevates are a bit more expensive but they give you some useful features over the others. They are a two piece design that is more portable and feature a spiral wrap which will make guiding the line back much easier. The Harrier SP's have the softest bend out of the three rods and are very versatile as well. The Okuma will be a bit stiffer so you will have a bit of extra pulling power which may give you more control over the fish. Those are the main things I would keep in mind.