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Im really trying to grow in my understanding of fishing techniques and tackle and would find some basic info on rods really helpful. i know that a longer rod will cast further than a short one but thats about all. What are the advantages/disadvantages of a graphite rod vs a glass one? What should i look for in a good bait rod vs a good jig rod? And what makes for a good bottom fishing rod? i know there is alot to this subject but any insight would be helpful.
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Sorry for the late come-back. Long rod, further casts. Short rod, more leverage. Graphite/Glass rod (rather than full graphite) = faster loading and release of energy, lighter as well. A 'glass rod will put up with more abuse typically. Going both graphite and fiberglass like Seeker, Calstar and United Composites build 'em provides for a longer lasting rod, lighter weight, and no sacrifice in strength.

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Quality and size of the guides are somthing also to consider nowadays. The old steel guides are O.K. but may me more likely to rust and get scratches on them, this can damage line. I would suggest the "Ceramic" looking guides, and the black guides. There are some titanium , but they are rare and mostly on the really expensive rods. Aluminum reel seats are stronger than plastic, if you are tightenining on you reels really tight. Try looking at Calstar and Seeker , then see if you can get a cheaper brand with the same features. I have both, I cant regret saving money !!!!!

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If you plan to fish spectra with a short topshot, go with a softer tip like the super seekers. It helps to compensate for the lack of stretch in spectra.
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