Braid tied to swivel
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Tying braid to mono or fluorocarbon leaders or lines are what I see on the internet. Does anyone tie braid directly to a swivel and then tie the fluorcarbon leader to the other end of the swivel? Is this a good idea? If so what knot would I use?

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Hey Bebop. I think a lot of people (myself included) tied to a swivel before we were comfortable tying a spectra to mono/fluoro connection.

It works just fine with a swivel, but straight spectra to your fluoro/mono leader is a more stealthy approach. Also, I was always afraid that I might get too excited during winding in that I'd accidentally wind the swivel through the rod tip or another guide. This increases the chance of chipping or breaking the ring of your tip or other guides.

I'd probably recommend practicing tying your fluoro/mono on without the swivel and just getting better at tying your knots.

Hope this helps!
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You can tie the spectra to a swivel if you want.
The only knot I have tested that comes close to
being acceptable is a Trilene Knot using 15
wraps up and 15 wraps down. But... you will have to use a wood dowel or some other smooth
tool to wrap the spectra around it order to get
enough grip on the spectra to cinch that knot down. Do not wet the knot, moisture causes the spectra to grip itself and will be extra difficult to pull down. And , this is important,
pull the knot up slowly, very slowly. In fact it is wise to pause mid way to let any heat dissipate.

As Mikey says join knots are a much better solution. But be forewarned .... that join knot
between spectra and Mono/Fluoro is the most
difficult in fishing. There are a lot of bad knots but just a few good ones. My faovrite is
the Bob Sands knot tied with a bimini twist in
the spectra. Or the Albright tied with a bimini twist in the spectra. The Charkster has a nice video on the Bimini Reverse Albright.
Scroll down to videos 2009 and hit
Spectra Rigging - Standard Long Range Connection, Bimini to Reverse Albright.
What ever you do avoid the Uni to Uni knot.
It is simple and easy to tie but do not get lured on to the easy path, it leads to destruction.
My suggestion is that you learn to use
the knot connection method. You will have
to dedicate yourself to this task as it will
take time to become comfortable tying this knot.
But once learned you will have gone a long ways
towards solidifying your angling success.


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Using a swivel will lead you into more tangles, and slow down your bait sooner. Bob sands knot, I glue it after, also put a uni on the tag end to make it smoother.

sweet charity
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There only a coupple of applications there I think you would want to tie spectra to a swivel first. One would be for trolling either slow with live/dead baits or for pulling plugs, feathers and such. Another would be for fishing chunk baits. Both can lead to line twists and a swivel would help in stopping that. There are most likely other ways of fishing where line twisting can become a problem but if line twist is not a issue I see no need for a swivel.
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Some guys will use the little micro swivels or Invisiswivels as a connection point. The Invisi's will be a bit bulkier, but their wieght won't present the twist/tangle issue and the knots might be easier to learn. But, taking the time to learn the knots is the best course. The line test you intend to fish also is a big factor to consider. What works for 20# won't necessarily work for 60+.

Great Stuff!
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I tried a variation on this idea by using a solid ring between my spectra and a short length of fluoro for big yellowfin tuna. 7ft of fluoro was not enough to prevent the tuna from shying away from my bait in my limited time trying it . . . seemed to be an instant "shut off the bite" move. Perhaps it would be effective another time and place but I'm done with that idea.
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