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the rod i'm commited to is a 7' Seeker Hercules SHS 70 XH, have no money invested in the Shimano Tranx baitcaster as of yet, what bait caster would be good to cast a flyer outside the lights that will hold up to 100lb plus yellow fin, I own an Avet Pro EX 30/20 2 speed but I can't cast it, I also own a Penn Torque X300, but 2 out 5 casts end up with a rats nest, always when the bite is on !! still looking for a great match ??
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Although a slightly lighter model like the new Penn TRQ30, geared down to 4.8-1 might be a bit better for casting distance, if you are getting backlashes that often with a TRQ300, be sure to spend a little time practicing your casting, without the distraction of boiling fish around the boat.
If you don't have a dock to practice from, be sure to take a spray bottle of water with you to the park, so that you can do it with wet line.
Picture taking on a 100-pound tuna as being like playing golf against Tiger Woods; you would not do it without plenty of practice, practice, practice.
Alternatively, the "super spinners" like the Penn TRQ9S are certainly up to the task, and are fairly popular for that plastic flying-fish presentation for the very reason of ease of casting.
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There are a few reels that standout currently. Avet's HX can certainly cast well, same for the LX and the JX is one of my favorites, too. The later two reels in Raptor form are superb. I've taken yellowfin over 100# on my own JX (have 2 of 'em). But, the gearing of the HX puts it in front for what you are doing, and you can gain the benefit of the MC magnetic cast control system - which works wonderfully. Okuma's Makaira 15 is another very good option, though without the MC type of feature. Additionally an Accurate BX2 600 or BX2 30N can accomplish what you are seeking very well. They use a mechanical cast control, which can be adjusted based upon your needs - though the MC from Avet may be a bit nicer. No doubt about the excellent quality of all reels mentioned, and all are currently available in 2 speed form.

Steve mentioned the Torque, another fine reel but it's not available in 2 speed at the present time. Darn thing is a great caster however and quite robust. The Torque Spinner - THAT's EXCELLENT STUFF and can toss anything and handle about anything, wonderful for poppers or 'chovie size bait, and capable of taking a very good fish. But, it's no two speed winch!

Great Stuff!
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No matter what reel you choose, take the time to learn how to cast your setup before you get on the boat. One of the best challenges is to use a clothes pin clipped to the line. If you can get to a point where you can cast distance without throwing the clip, you should be able to toss almost anything.
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