BallyHood swap meet
First time I have been to this fishing swapmeet
(I started fishing in Feb.) Man o' man what a hoot! Got there just past graylight looking just to check it out, figured I had almost everything I need by now right?
WRONG!! I managed a new blue Hooex (@350) and found my new toy a 100j' ulua!!!! ($100) All I need now is another roll of 60-80# Guides Choice and i'm on! Got one of those rail/reel plates for Christian (0.50) and a weighted squid jig to put at the bottom of my squid/bait catching rig ($2)
Could not believe how inexpensive those cool wooden tackleboxes are. $15-50 would get you some fine craftmanship/memories.
I guess they have these twice a year,and i'll give ya'll a heads up next time.


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Wow, swap meets in So Cal were the best! When I lived there I acquired a collection of more than 100 Who bootleg LP albums, from one concert after another (all were stolen from my apartment the day after I moved to Chicago--what a dump)! Nothing like that around the midwest, just an uncountable number of garage sales every Saturday.

Was this the same Ballyhood that makes so many mind-blowing outstanding lures? Darrel Primrose? Man, he's a hero fisherman to me--I really would love to meet him, hang out at his shop...
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