Okuma Makaira's
I see these reels everywhere. I heard that they are better than Accurates. I have used Okuma reels before and I'm a big fan. But I've also have people tell me I'm better off with my Avet MXL.

Are they that good?

Or are they bad?

Give me your opinions,
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CharkBait Staff
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The Makaira reels are indeed that good. They listened to the right folks, and have produced an excellent reel. One of the best on the market, regardless of price.

Great Stuff!
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the makairas ARE that good. i asked mark for the first two makaira 8 two speeds that roll through is shop. hopefully they will be here before my july trip.
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I Bought one of those on my last trip to LA on the Retail Store, Im still testing the makaira reels, its seems to be a damn good reel I only have one complain on it, I have the 30 II With Top, if u pull the line out the reel and the line tuch that top, during that pull, the line will take some damage. Maybe is the quality of the Monofilament let me know if someone have the same problem. BTW the english is not my natural languaje plz forgive me if i made some gramatical mistake XD thx
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