Wet line spicing
ToroTamer.....went out today BlackFish, broke off a few and now trying to get ready for tomorrow. Since I rinse my reels after every outing, I found wet line is almost impossible to splice through. Tried the finest needle but still having a hard time. Any tricks someone can share?
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Don't think it's due to the line being wet, it does not absorb moisture. Some folks find it easier to work with the line a little bit wet! I'm thinking far more likely that you have introduced some twists. I've been in that situation plenty of times, too. Before running a needle thru the line take 5-6 feet of line, let it hang down from rod tip to reel seat height, then run a couple fingers down from tip to end of line, eliminate the twists. May put a little pressure on the line as you run your fingers down, I'll often squeeze my index fingernail to line to my thumb as I run the line between those fingers. Twists go away, line becomes easier to work with.

Great Stuff!
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Will try that Mark! Good luck with the trip coming up. Post pics after that!! I have replied your email to Leeana and Ryan with reels weight and insured amount for shipping.
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