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Hi Guys

I have been following the forums for a good while but thought that I would join and post this message. I have posted a similar message of Bloody Decks also.

I have a question regarding Fishing in Loreto. I have a trip planned for this August. It is first time down there for me so I don’t really know what to expect. Almost all of my fishing so far has been on ¾ to 2 day trips from LA or San Diego.

The travel agent tells me that dorado is the fish to expect with maybe some sail fish or marlin. We will be fishing from pangas.

He also tells me that the only equipment needed is a 40 pound rig but this seems a little simplistic.

I am planning on taking 2 sets of equipment to supply both by brother and me. There are 2 others coming but they will have to make do with the rental/furnished equipment.

Set 1:

Seeker 6460 with an Avet LX and 30 lb test

Seeker G6480H with Avet LX 2spd and 40lb test

Super Seeker 670-7 with Avet MXJ 2sp and 30lb test

Set 2:

Saltega SA-N8030J with Penn Baja special and 30 lb Test

Penn GS 700ML with Penn 555 and 30 lb test

Penn GS 700M with Penn Baja Special and 40 lb test

I can change the top shots on any of these reels. Would it be more useful if I changed such that we each had a 30 lb, 40 lb, and a 50 lb?

I have a reasonable assortment of irons and terminal tackle but I don’t what to prepare for.

I could also take a heaver setup with an Off Shore 6U65080 (50-80lb) rod with an Avet 4/0. This reel has 80 spectra backing but no top shot at this time. Or how about a lighter set or two for 15 or 20 lb fishing? I also have a 50/130 rod with an Avet 50 on it but this seems to be a bit heavy.

Will we do any trolling (I don’t have much in the way of trolling lures)? Will most of the fishing be with bait or lures? What would be the recommended fishing techniques and your thoughts for lures and other terminal tackle. Will we have much chance for others species (i.e.: roosters, yellow tail, tuna, etc.)? Weights? How about casting from shore?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the Charkboards family.
Please link in with the location ie: Hotel/resort you'll be staying at.
The Panga operator, etc and that will give us a better opportunity to nail your needs down to a " T "

We are all hoping that your trip goes well and that you get plenty of fish.

But repost with the other info sowe'll be better armed toi help.

Once again, welcome to the boards.
P.S. I'd watch out for Olliebear. He's a flirt, but he's mine, I saw himn first!.
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Perhaps a 60 lb. outfit for pulling the big pargo and cabrilla out of their holes.
Loreto in August? It's HOT! Bring a big hat, lots of Sol sunscreen, and DON'T depend on beer for hydration!
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roosters might be good-and worth it! most of your fishing will be with trolled bait, so bring circle and live bait hooks of an appropriate size.
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I would bump up your topshots 10lbs. And use the avet 4/0 for trolling.
The reason to bump up the topshots is you have to stop these critters before they get to the rocks. So keep your drag at strike.
Also freeze your bottled water the night before so it works as ice and for cooling off.
And bring some sabiki rigs, 2-3 for each angler.

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Check out Captain Juanita Miller of El Fuerte Sportfishing. Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine ran some pictures of her and she looked HOT HOT HOT---see if those pictures do her any justice.
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There is no longer El Fuerte Sportfishing in Loreto. Ty Miller and his wife Juanita merged their operation with Bisbee's at Cabo in 2005. I belive Ty is now only doing hunting. His web site is www.elfuerte.com Oh, by the way Juanita is that pretty.

Edit: I had to get the phone.
I would change to 1-30lb and 2-40lb setups per angler. You will fish bait most of the time, sometimes you can buy it sometimes you make it yourself so the sabiki's are a good idea. At times you may troll also normal tuna feathers and Ballyhood Dorado Slammers work well. As far as other types of fish to target pargo and cabrilla as stated, tuna sometimes the football size are there 10-20lb. A very slim to no chance at the yellows that time of year. You also have a shot at the roosters along the beach too.

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unless things have changed down there for panga's, take a throwable-style floating seat cushion to sit on (a must in a panga)...full-on sun protection (hat that covers your neck, etc)...have the panga driver bring home-made burritos for snacks...if you order drinks make sure to take plenty of water...it was hotter than you know what when we were there in August...Mexican soda seems to have more sugar content (cokes, etc) so drink more beer or other beverages (gator-aid)...we took our own small ice chests for drinks...three rigs, one heavy for trolling or fishing yellows (dropper loop) deep...lighter one for slow trolling the skip baits/live stuff for dorado, etc...and a light one for funzies...we fished two to a panga, plus the guide...from 4AM to about 12 noon...too hot after that...believe me...mostly all we took was an assortment of cheapie J-hooks...nothing fancy...

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Thanks for all the information and for several excellent suggestions. I will be changing the top shots as suggested. We will definitely take precautions against the heat and sun. I will also plan on taking the 60 lb outfit.

In answer to Pigsticker's question we are staying at the Hacienda Suite and will be fishing with Arturos Sport Fishing.
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Welcome to our eclectic forum of like minds for the passion of fishing.

We are serious about being a great resource to each and every poster here. There are no dumb questions but we do leave some fun/silly hearted remarks.

If yo have not already done so check out this url:https://wbillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/accountholder/overview/Overview.action

and this one...http://www.bajabigfish.com/

Google Loreto and have some fun planning your trip.

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