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Hi all, newb here. Only just found this site recently. It seems to be a great site.
Chark: you sound like a stand-up guy. You have all my respect, and will have business from me.
Tight lines to all!
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I've always viewed the Seeker vs. Calstar kind of like the Chevy vs. Ford thing. Both good products with loyal users. I guess Seeker has taken a turn for the worse and am sorry to hear that. I own both and hope people don't confuse the new Seekers with the old because they were and still are some great rods.
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Ever consider running for President... I always trust the Chark
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CharkBait Staff
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Er, nope, nada, ain't no chance of office - not very politically correct, and prefer to work for my income rather than parasitically absorb other's greenbacks.

On the Seeker vs. Calstar, both were excellent products. One went away essentially once the heart and sole of the firm left under new ownership. The other firm still making great rods, but not manufacturing them in the numbers needed. Leon Todd still goes to work each day, and is really the grandfather of SoCal rod making industry. We all owe Leon a great debt. My bet, UC takes up where both Calstar and Seeker left off. The fellow who founded that firm, and the Aussie who brought it back to life deserve much credit - they too had foresight and knowledge unique to this industry/hobby. Randy Penny represents the next generation of innovative rod builders.

Great Stuff!
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